Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Night Time Addiction

I've discovered my night time addiction. 

The new season of SMASH starts in a few weeks, so I thought I would catch up on last season to see if I liked it. I LOVE it. Since Charlotte goes to bed late (11p.m.) I have a few hours to watch it after putting Emma to sleep. It's your classic scuzzy drama show, but I've totally gotten into it. I have about 6 episodes left of season 1, and then I'll start watching the new season. I haven't gotten into a show on TV in a long time, so it's a nice escape from Mommyland. 

Katherine McPhee is amazing in it, and has a wonderful voice. It's not a show that I would normally get into, but I do love me a good Musical, and that's pretty much what the show is about. 

I suggest you start watching it, so we can be addicted together and talk about it! 

Okay. Deal. Go.

Season 2 starts February 6th, so start catching up!

Addicted to SMASH-Rachel

Irresponsible Parentals

We went to do our taxes last night. It was super fun to get the girls packed up and in the car, only to leave without filing our taxes. Nothing is more irritating than coming home with nothing to show for our travels (especially with kids). 

You know with your first child, you hold on to everything baby related? For the most part, you keep track of all the new documents, information, and phone numbers for this new said child?

With the second, apparently for us, we didn't think any of that was necessary. Nah, we got this. Second child paperwork? No problem. We'll just put it right... over... wait, where did we put it??

We cannot find Charlotte's SSN card, and have no idea where it would be. 

Way to go Mom and Dad!

We know it's in our house somewhere, because we both remember having a discussion about it when it came in the mail. However, where it was put is a mystery to us. 

We have looked everywhere, and will most likely have to visit the SSN office to get another one. THEN we can do our taxes. UGH. 

I'll let you know if it turns up!

The Irresponsible Twistles

What We've Been Up To

Shortly after Mitch's birthday party, we all came down with the sickness. It started with a runny nose and scratchy throat, and has now developed into a terrible cough. Emma has it the worst, and this last week has been hard to say the least. I don't know if there is anything worse than watching your child suffer and not being able to do much about it. The doctor said it's just a virus that will have to work its way out of her system. Luckily, Charlotte hasn't caught it yet, and we are crossing our fingers it stays that way. 

Emma is getting better, and we have been giving her a homeopathic cough syrup that has really helped (thank goodness!). Hopefully within the next few days her cough will go away completely and we will have our happy little lady back. 

Charlotte is still doing great, and growing too fast! I know I say that every post, but it's because between each post she has done something different and new! She always has smiles for us and shows us that cute dimple each time. She still refuses her binkie, but will fall asleep on her own really easily. Recently she's been trying to roll over, and she's finally mastered it, kind of. 

She will roll over on her tummy, and just struggle to get her arm out from under her until she gets so tired she either passes out or grunts in anger. She is totally a tummy sleeper though, and a finger sucker. 

Must be comfy, because she laid like this for 20 mins before passing out

I'm actually jealous, so comfy!


Before Emma got really sick, we took a few random pictures of our day to day adventures. Emma found a pair of my sunglasses (she calls them "eyes") and put them on. She rocked them! Total stunna-shades :)

Emma also loves noodles ("doodoos") so we set up her table in the living room so she could eat them at her table. I think she is getting too big for her highchair and wants to be a big girl now. 

The kitties have been drawn more to Charlotte, mostly because they know that she can't chase after them, and they can sit next to her in peace. Also, Sugar is stubborn and doesn't like to share. We sure do love our kitties, and are so lucky they haven't had any problems with the babies! They are so patient with Emma and rarely lose it with her. I think Ryno loves babies, we always discover him lying as close to Charlotte as he can (He was the same way with Emma, too).

I've also been watching Anne's kiddos while she's in training for her new job, last week Kami, Kadan, and Emma all cuddled up on Emma's couch to watch a movie. Too cute! Emma absolutely loves them, and has started to call Kami "kiki" and is still trying to say Kadan. 

It's been a crazy 2 weeks in our house, and I'm excited for this stupid cold virus to leave and for us all to be healthy again! 

Love you all, and hope you stay healthy! Is Spring here yet?!

The Twistles

Mitch's Birthday!

Time literally flies. It doesn't seem that way when I'm in the middle of my week doing dishes and picking up toys for the umpteenth time, but when I take a second to think about it, I realize it's already the end of January! 

2 weeks ago we went to Classic Fun Center to celebrate Mitchell's 5th birthday party. 

Emma. Had. A. Blast. 

I mean, this girl has no fear! She wanted to jump in every single bounce house and go down every single bounce slide, no matter how big or high it was. I even told her to put her hands up as we went down, and she did it all the way down! Each time after that she put her hands up high in the air before going down the slide. 

Crissy did a great job coordinating everything and all the kids had a fun time! Happy Birthday Mitch! I can't believe you're 5 and so big and knowledgable, we love you! 

Thanks again Crissy for inviting us and making everything so fun! We appreciate you letting us come and celebrate Mitch's birthday with you :)

The Twistles

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sisters and Such

We were interested how Emma would handle the arrival of baby Charlotte. She is a very tender soul, and it could have gone either way-- really bad, or really good. I have to say, that the transition has all gone really well! Emma loves her baby sister and will give her hugs and kisses when we aren't looking. She always shares her puppy with Charlotte and laughs when we pretend that Charlotte is talking to Emma. The first month or two was a little difficult with Emma but now that she knows that Mom and Dad are still going to play with her, the fits and drama has died down. 

I can't wait for them to be best friends soon! Charlotte is growing at a terrifying pace, and I know that soon she'll be 1 year old and not so little anymore. I am cherishing every moment I get while she's still a lil' baby.

Emma and Charlotte were hanging out on her couch, and Emma was sharing her drink with her sissy. Cuteamous!

In other news, my good friend Anne just got a job at the Huntsman Cancer Institute working as a CNA. She is working on getting into nursing school, and has rocked every class she has taken. I don't think I know anyone smarter than this girl, she retains so much info it's just insane. I was thinking today about not knowing where each decision in life will take us, and then thought back to our decisions over the last few years and what good/bad came from them. If we hadn't had faith that we would find someone to watch Emma while I went back to work, and Anne never listened to her prompting to watch our Emma, our lives would be completely different today! I know that God knew what was in store for our families by bringing us together, and it wasn't just for us to find a good sitter for Emma. 

Now, I get to repay Anne back by watching her adorable kids while she goes to work where I just resigned from, and because I used to work there, I knew who she needed to get in contact with so that she could get hired there. It seems to have worked out seamlessly, and proves to me that God's hands were definitely involved in all of this. How blessed we are to have this inspiration in our lives! Knowing the McRae's has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives, and the blessings just don't seem to stop coming! We sure do love them.

The Twistles

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home Life

Now that the Holidays are over, our little family life has settled down a lot! The girls and I have a good schedule down during the day, Charlotte is sleeping 5-6 hour stretches during the night, and I've switched to Sugar Free Rockstars. Life is good! 

Emma is putting sentences together, and it is so fun to hear what she comes up with. Her latest one that makes me laugh is, "daddy ha-home spooky door?". Which I believe is her asking if Daddy is coming home through the door. She thinks it's spooky because she hears the neighbors walking up and down, and also the cleaning crew makes loud noises outside the door. She looks forward to when Matt gets home every night, and will drop anything she's doing to run to the door to greet him. Following the "Hi Dad" when he gets home is the, "C'mon Dad" where she'll take him all around the house to play. Daddy is so much more fun than Mommy, because he gets really silly. 

During the day, Emma and I get our snuggles on and it's pretty rare that we get out of our pajamas (no where to go, no one to see!). Charlotte is still in eat, sleep, and poop mode, but is also now flashing us the most adorable smiles one could ask for. She definitely recognizes us, and when we get in her sight she locks on and just giggles and smiles! She loves to talk, and coo's and gurgles back at us. 

Charlotte is also adorable when she sleeps, but what baby isn't?! 

She couldn't handle the crazy fun of coloring, and passed out


Emma is really getting into sitting still to watch movies, which I LOVE because that means she's stationary for at least 30 minutes at a time. She likes to lay on the floor or in her Minnie Mouse couch and watch movies or her TV shows. 

 Matt grabbed an icicle off the porch and gave it to Emma last week; she loved it! She walked around telling us that she had "ice" until it melted. 

 Emma is so much fun, and although she can be difficult at times, she is the absolute joy of our lives! She is so independent and knows what she wants, oh.. and she's almost two. Crazy!

Since it's so cold, we can't get outside at all. The air quality is terrible too, so we don't want the girls out in that air anyways. I've got to find creative ways to get Emma's energy out during the day, or else she tears the house to shreds. Today we pulled all the cushions off the couch and I let her jump on them to her hearts desire (controlled house shredding is different than random Emma shredding). 

This is her pretending to be mad, she's not very good at it--she's too cute!

We love our girls!! They are so much fun, and are growing so fast!

The Twistles