Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Phones!

We are finally out of the stone age, and gave in to getting new Droid touch screen phones. We resisted as long as we could, thinking that if we gave in, we would never be able to go back to our old "flip phones". Well, we were right! Since having our new phones we have downloaded more apps than ever necessary, checked Facebook too many times to count, and had to recharge our phone batteries much too often. I used to check Facebook once or twice a day when I would get home from work, but now, I find myself checking it every couple minutes, and it drives me nuts! No one ever updates anything when I want them to, so it's such a waste of time and I should really stop, but it's a habit now. Blast!

I did however, find a really awesome app called the "All Recipes Dinner Spinner" You shake your phone, and it spins through 3 different parts: Dish (soup, bread, appetizer, main dish, etc), Ingredients (beef, cheese, chicken), and Ready In (how long it takes to make). Then it randomly chooses a tasty meal for you! OR you can choose your own sections, and find this recipe:

I just chose: Main Dish, Salmon, ready in 30 mins and it gave me a list of recipes, including this one. I made it and it was so easy and sooooo yummy! I highly recommend getting this app, I use it all the time! 

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my phone!

Addicted (again)

Anyone that knows me, knows that when I stopped drinking coffee I switched to energy drinks. Most recently it's been Rockstars. I was heavily addicted before I got pregnant, but stopped drinking them (cold turkey) when I found out I was pregnant last year. WELL... I found that to function throughout my day I needed something, so I turned to my Rockstars :) I will have one a day, sometimes every other day, but I just can't stop now! I am back on the Rockstar train, and I like it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life Lessons from Jerry Maguire

Not sure if anyone knows how much I really like the movie Jerry Maguire, although it's rated "R" and has a few racy scenes, it's still my all time favorite. An old girlfriend and I used to watch it all the time, and can probably still to this day quote most of the movie. Well, I figured that there are some good "life lessons" to be learned from the movie, and I will share them with you. Beware, there is a scene where it shows some naked behinds belonging to men.... 

Lesson #1: The Things We Think, But Do Not Say (F*bomb dropped at beginning of clip)

Do not be afraid to speak up, and say what's on your mind. Confrontations- good or bad- can be hard. But if you never say what's on your mind, you then choose to carry it with you. 

Never say things you will regret later (I've learned this many times the hard way). I really like this quote by Ambrose Bierce, "Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret." If I had the opportunity to go back and speak without anger in some of my past conversations, I would.

Also, have you ever thought something was a really good idea at the time, but then after following through with the idea, you quickly regret doing it? I have, and that feeling of panic you get when you realize what you have done is like no other! Make good choices people!

Lesson #2 Show Me The Money!

 Never be afraid to yell, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!" Especially when you deserve it. 

Lesson # 3 Friends can tell eachother anything, if you have your "friends" hat on (Beginning of this clip shows naked booty)

Take responsibility for you actions, inspire people, and always play with your heart, not your head.

My favorite quote comes from this clip, " I don't wanna be friends no more!"

Always strive to be other people's "Ambassador of Quan"

 Lesson #4 Help Me, Help You

Sometimes, you just need to help others help you- Help me, help you!!! 

I am by no means perfect, and have my flaws, but thought this was a funny way to highlight my favorite movie and lessons you can learn from it! I heart Jerry Maguire!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

To the Father's in my life

Though my Dad isn't here with us anymore, I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing Dad's, and Matt has recently been included in this great group of men.

Brad Entwistle- most known for handing down his "secret" family recipe of "Death by Chocolate", he has been a great role model for Matt and I. Matt always speaks so highly of him, and through Matt's stories I feel like I know him just as well as he does. I love his silly jokes, even if I don't always get them. He treats us with respect and love, and when handing down advice does so softly. He always tells me I am his favorite daughter-in-law, and I follow with, "I'm your only daughter-in-law". Well Dad Entwistle, you are my favorite Father-in-law :) Happy Father's Day, to an amazing and spiritual Priesthood leader and Father. Matt, Emma, and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. 

Matty- My best friend. My confidant. You were with me during the hardest time of my life, and still you stuck by me. You helped me see the light at the end of my dark tunnel. You reminded me of the blessing of the Atonement by your own trials. Even though you could not fully understand my pain, you comforted me and coached me through it. You never judged me for the serious mistakes I had made. You always made me laugh. Emma is more than lucky to have you as her Father. I can't wait to see her grow up, and run to you, and call you "daddy". Thank you for following in your Father's footsteps and being a man of the spirit. I love you more every day, and know it is a blessing to have you in my life. Thank you for also making your own footsteps and changing more diapers than your Dad ever did :) You are a great Father.

Owen aka "O"- Big, big bro. I loved getting into mischief with you as kids (when you would let me come with you). I have always looked up to you, and wanted to follow you everywhere, even if it got me lost in a foreign neighborhood from time to time :) When I was going through my separation, and then divorce, you sent me a text message that was so needed at the time. You told me I was a good person, and even though I didn't believe it at the time, knowing that you still thought that way of me after what I had done meant the world to me. You take care of Jessica and Mitch like you took care of me when we were younger. You are a loving and caring Dad, with so much love to give. You will always drop everything to help those you love, even if it inconveniences you. I still look up to you and would follow you anywhere. 

Aaron- Big Bro. The day you came home from your mission was one of the happiest days of my life! You were my best friend and we talked about everything. You helped me dig deep down to find out the meaning of my problems. I helped you buy clothes that weren't from the D.I. and talked about girls with you. You lovingly took me into your home, fasted for me, and gave me Priesthood blessings that I will never forget. You quietly celebrated with me as I worked through my repentance process. You gave me hugs on my bad days, and good days. You tried to be silly to make me laugh when I never thought I would again. Thank you for taking a chance and letting me change my life in your midst and around your family. Tristan and Olivia are blessed to have you as their Dad.

Happy Father's Day to these amazing men, who have had such a positive impact on my life

4 months old today!

Emma is 4 months old today, I seriously can't believe it! I keep thinking I need to blog more, but can't seem to find the time! Work has gotten a lot easier, I changed my schedule so I'm only working 3 days a week (10 hours a day). We also changed our babysitters for Emma, and it works out so great now! It is not easy leaving your baby with anyone, but when you find someone who will love them almost as much as you do, you know it 's a good thing. I have Mondays and Fridays off, and work Tues/Weds/Thurs. It's a pretty ideal schedule, even though it stinks waking up at 5 a.m. to be to work by 7 a.m., after I just woke up at 2 a.m. to feed Emma. It's all worth it, because I know that me working helps provide for her, and that's all that matters. She completes me! When she's older, we'll watch Jerry Maguire together and she'll understand:

Ok, that was just me using an opportunity to plug one of my favorite movies of all time. Best. Movie. Ever. I just had a great idea for my next post. 

Anyways the purpose of this post, was to show off how cute Emma is! I'm posting pictures for you all to see. Yes, I am one of those people, who take tons of pictures of their kids and force feed them to others. Love it or leave it! 

one of my favorites!

Emma loves Daddy

She lets us mess with her, doesn't even care

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday! There will be more posts coming today including my "Jerry Maguire" Life lessons and Father's Day-day!